Random thoughts in May 悄悄地,唱起夏天的歌

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I once read an article with title "Softly, sing the songs of summer"(sorry for my terrible translation which I think it didn't convey its aura contently), inspired by it, I also want to share with you several songs I listened these days as well as my related thoughts. Summer and music both deserve my highly praise.

Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh

这首是电影《3 idiots》里的一首插曲,印地语唱的但是不阻碍体会那种很“超越性”的感觉(找个形容词真难),反而有一种吸引人的异域感。整部电影也是这样,特别理想主义,很多笑点但是不影响主题的深刻性和反思性。好听的和声就像真的开着车在山间疾行一样,开阔而灿烂。中文翻译得也好,“我们为明日愁言,他只顾畅想当今——让每一刻壮美不凡”,我好喜欢这句话。

It is a episode of movie three idiots, which original is in Hindi but that doesn't stop you from feeling very "transcendent". As well as that movie, a very idealist masterpiece. I really appreciate the harmony, which really conveys a sense of freedom, bright sunshine and so on. The Chinese is also remarkable, "We used to be worried about tomorrow, He used to only enjoy today-He used to live every moment fully." I love this phrase.


I got to know this movie when I was in my primary school, in which I was touched by the idealism filled in the movie. But all was different when I entered junior school, with heavy pressure in studying, I blamed this movie for it more or less ingored the difficuties in the way you chasing for excellent. However, my opinion changed again now. I began to treasure idealism, and sometimes I think, if you believe something is true, that it is real in some degree. At lease in a limited period or space balabala.


As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have found an internship job. But I found it not so challenging and interesting as I think. Though I know it is hard for you to find a meaningful and demanding job as you are a green hand, I feel loath to do this job. Sometimes I just want to resign but hesitant for don't want to be irrespondsible. Perhaps you can only understand something until you have experienced it comprehensively and got to konw its pros and cons. Compared with engaging in a job, perhaps dedicated to academic career is choice more suitable to me? I wondering. Another lesson I learn from this job is that a person should really be persevere in his own choice, listen his inner voice and be loyal to himself confidently. In fact I was reluctantly to find this internship programme at first, but ultimately ran counter to my first thought because of peer pressure. Almost everyone around me find some shining job with a equally wonderful VC, which left me feel if I refuse to find a job I would fall behind in this chasing running competition. I wish I have stuck to myself at the begining so that I can spend more time in studying, enjoying my few remaining time in university. Well, now that it is. Just finish it and fine myself some interesting work in the following, something like be a volunteer in some academic organization, find some demanding and challenging job, be a translator of some interesting English programme, etc.


About this song and this movie, last but not least, it taught me don't find a limitation for myself curtly, if you want to chase for being excellent. I am really a person fond of exploring everything interestiing. For example, building a knowledge base of international politics, making a journalism documentary, managing my own website, learning something relate to computer programming, playing violin, even reading some philosophy books and composing and so on. I used to think it is unwise to keep so many hobbies, but I changed my mind now and think I 'd better accept this and enjoy it.

Mystery of love



正好今天大创答辩完了,下午又看到一些大四的同学在校园里穿着学士服拍照。这种巧合让我联想到一年以后我们也要毕业了,惆怅(again and again)。其实一直想以某种形式回顾一下大学生活来着,但实在是太“得失寸心知”了,也太难言说清楚了。

原本对五月的定义是“怀疑和探索”来着,但到了月末,觉得有些问题能给自己一个回答了,也就释然了一些。原本还想吐槽一些什么的,打了几段字又开始自我宽慰。最后干脆都删掉了,都是些老生常谈的内容。总而言之,I am fine, wish so as you, 让我们在这个美好的季节里,悄悄地,唱起夏天的歌。

(其实这篇大概是一周前写的,但是莫名其妙想都翻译一下英文版,弄了一半忙期末去了就没继续写了,现在来看莫名有点“不食人间烟火”?大概是因为期末又来了熬大夜会让人变得不那么romantic吧,不过就算这样,它还是上一段时间的一些想法,所以也po出来得了,期待六月的random thought会有一些不一样的新points~)