UK week2

Posted on 2022-10-06  461 Views

Two weeks into the school year, I feel the pressure of my new life in a foreign country.

Abruptly leaving the cultural environment of my native language gave me the anxiety of losing control of my life, especially when I dare not say anything in the seminar discussion. Coupled with the lack of social circles, I often fell nothing to do when I am free. I am really unfamiliar with this sity. The subway system here is very different from the one in China and much more complicated. I took the wrong train at least three times.

I think the most important thing for me now is to fit in the language environment first, so I spend most of my time on learning. The reading of liberal arts majors is so vast, and I try hard not to be afraid of those "foreign ants" on paper.

前几天因为不熟悉这边的社交软件,outlook, Microsoft teams, what’s app...错过了一门课程的分组。课后很心虚去找老师道歉,她反过来安慰我这是一件小事。让我惊讶的是她还记住了我的名字,她说觉得这个名字很可爱,在看名单的时候就很有印象。我觉得很开心,并且更加坚定了用我的中国名字的决定。(老子行不改名,坐不改姓.jpg)
A few days ago, because I was not familiar with the social softwares here, outlook, Microsoft teams, what's app... I missed the grouping of a course. After class, I was very embarrassed and went to the teacher to apologize, and to my surprise she comforted me that it was a small matter. What surprised me most was that she still remembered my name, she said she thought it was cute and was impressed when she looked at the list. I feel very happy and more determined to use my Chinese name here.

我觉得这边环境似乎更有人情味些。第一个星期上课,老师居然提前发邮件说课后邀请大家来参与social drink。我目瞪口呆地跟着去,认得了一个德国同学和一个美国同学。虽然交流就是很基础的聊聊不同国家的风土人情,但起码看外国面孔的时候不会那么觉得陌生了。
I think the environment here seems more warm, mentally instead of in the sense of climate. In the first week of class, the teacher actually sent an email in advance saying that everyone would be encouraged to participate in a social drink after class. Feeling so astonishing, I followed in and even make friends with a German classmate and an American classmate. The communication is a very basic just concerning about customs of different countries, but after that, when I look at foreign faces, I would not have so much sense of diatance.

上一篇blog被left评论说像看公路片,我觉得真的很恰如其分。虽然安顿下来的生活没有那么romantic了,但回想一下旅途中能遇到这么多互相帮助的朋友,还是非常暖融融的事情。我多少觉得自己很幸运,并不是什么强硬的性格,但是也没有遇上过什么坏人坏事。现在我也敢在地铁上帮忙扶一把婴儿车,或者是在被帮助的时刻看着别人的眼睛笑着说一声thank you了。
The last blog was commented by one of my friends that it was like watching a road movie, which I think is really appropriate. Although the settled life is not so romantic, it is still very warm to recall that I met so many friends who helped each other during the trip. I think I'm somewhat lucky, not a tough character, but I haven't encountered any bad people or bad things. Now I also dare to help a baby carriage on the subway, or look at other people's eyes and say thank you with a smile when I am being helped.

There are always hardships in pioneer work to the opening-up of a new prospect(a classic Chinese saying). I haven't gone out to play or visit those famous tourist attractions yet, and I don't want to put myself too much on the identity of a tourist. My outlook on my future life is to join some part-time interest-oriented classes and make some friends, or find a job to earn some living expenses. Of course, I'm not too confident about these beautiful plans. But all in all, life here is brand new as well as unfamiliar to me, and I think no matter when, we need the courage to start over our life.