“Never tired of London”

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前几天在街上逛,突然鬼使神差走进路边一个公园,找了张长椅坐着,发现椅背上一句话写着“Never tired of London”,看得我百感交集,好似突然接收到了什么天降的神启。发出来与大家共勉:)

English version:
Last week I chat with one friend, she felt I was homesick from reading my blog. I think that's just part of the truth and I'd better do some thing to clarify a bit. After finding a house to settle down, the quality of my life has been improved a lot; and for the academic performance, I gradually learn to lower a bit the expectation and relax my mind which is really a release for me; and metting good teachers, classmates, roommates and friends make me feel even better. Although there were many twists and turns in the past two months, I think everything finally settles as the best arrangment in some degree.

This short article is just a hook--I should have shared more advanture and interesting stories in this post. But I am facing with three essays deadlines in the following weeks, it's too hard for me to spare extra time to reflect those memory. However, no worries, I think I will find time to write them down carefully maybe someday in the future.

A few days ago, when I was walking in the street, it suddenly striked me that maybe I can walk into the garden which I pass by everyday but haven't enter. So I did and then I ramdonly picked a bench to sit on. There happens to be a sentence on the back of the chair that read "Never tired of London". It gave me a sudden "shock" and reminded me lots of things I've encountered in London, which made it seem to be a god's revelation for me. I would like to post its picture and share it here:)
(see the picture above)